Blockchain Careers is Launched! Bangkok 07.02.22

Blockchain Careers Launched

Blockchain Careers is pleased to announce the launch of its blockchain-centric talent marketplace.

Headed by veteran talent recruiter Guy Allison, Blockchain Careers seeks to be the premier job site in the blockchain industry. The platform has a series of bespoke utilitarian features that are designed with both job seekers and blockchain employers in mind with a view to bridge the talent gap in the sector.

Why is Blockchain Careers different?

Blockchain Careers include a CV and Resume upload feature for users interested in blockchain positions. The tool is instrumental in getting relevant work credentials in front of potential employers.

Blockchain Careers also allows companies looking for top-tier talent to post vacant positions. This option is free for blockchain companies that are just starting out and have been in operation for less than three months.

Besides this, Blockchain Careers provides a custom Careers head-hunting service. The solution is ideal for companies looking to avoid time-sapping and arduous hiring processes.

It allows Blockchain Careers to look for suitable candidates on employers’ behalf and makes use of rigorous screening procedures to ensure that clients get the best people in the hiring pool.

Companies that use this service additionally gain unfettered access to Blockchain Careers’ unique database of industry prospects. The data trove allows hiring managers to get top talent on short notice.

According to Guy Allison, the company head, Blockchain Careers is unique because of the company’s primary focus on the blockchain industry.

“Our goal is to serve the blockchain sector in ways that few recruitment firms would. It is no secret that the market poses unique challenges for recruiters. We have dedicated immense resources towards simplifying job search and hiring processes specific to the blockchain sector,” he said.

Speaking on the current labor problems, he underlined that the company’s primary objective is to streamline and ameliorate recruitment systems beyond what regular agencies offer.

“We are here to change the narrative and demonstrate that is indeed possible for blockchain companies to overcome hiring challenges in a market that is notoriously cutthroat when it comes to getting top job candidates,” he stated.

About Blockchain Careers and G & P Recruitment

Blockchain Careers is a sister site to G & P Recruitment – the renowned global job recruitment agency. G & P Recruitment was founded by Guy Allison and has its roots in Bangkok, where it began as a boutique employment agency serving the Asian market.

The agency’s initial growth was propelled by its founder’s global company contacts and a knack to approach job prospects directly.

Blockchain Careers follows the same blueprint. It is an international service that is available in four continents, namely Asia, Europe, US, and South America. The firm will soon be open offices in the UK and Bangkok for direct client access.

The service is backed by a team of experienced professionals who are well-versed in the industry dynamics.

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