Blockchain Careers Launches “Best Website for Blockchain Jobs”

Blockchain Careers Launches Best Website for Blockchain Jobs

Talent-hunting can be overwhelming. And for companies looking to hire the best candidates, time is usually not on their side. Blockchain Careers streamlines the hiring process by providing a motley of tools and features that are designed to connect blockchain companies with job-seekers looking for blockchain and cryptocurrency jobs.

The ambition of the founder of Guy Allison is to create the No.1 Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Career Website

Guy Allison founded Blockchain Careers with the ultimate goal of making it the top platform for both blockchain job hunters and industry firms seeking exemplary talent.

What happened: Guy launched the website

Guy Allison launched Blockchain Careers to fill a hiring gap in the blockchain industry.

Having done some market research on the sector, he realized that there were not that many blockchain-specific recruitment firms, hence Blockchain Careers was born.

Who is Guy?

Guy Allison is the Founder of Blockchain Careers, and he has close to a decade of experience in the recruitment industry.

His original recruitment firm was set up as a hospitality agency but has since evolved and adapted a more industry-specific approach when it comes to finding top talent.

His company now caters to the blockchain sector.

How will contribute to the success of the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Industry?

What is the main objective of the website?

A sizeable number of blockchain firms are looking to expand in pursuit of their global agendas, but much of their growth potential is held back by the lack of top talent.

This is due to the prevailing labor shortage in the industry. The situation has been brought on by emergent workforce competition among both nascent businesses and established blockchain organizations as the field blossoms and the number of innovative projects skyrockets.

Many of the competing firms are looking to smoothen out crucial processes and expand their product portfolio. Some mammoth tech firms are hiring cryptocurrency specialists by the hundreds, and this has led to massive competition for the limited workforce available.

The scramble for qualified labor is also causing considerable remuneration issues as competing firms attempt to outbid each other by offering higher pay packages.

Consequently, many blockchain businesses are finding it hard to find applicants to fill open positions.

Blockchain Careers has significant experience when it comes to obtaining qualified talent in this cutthroat industry.

What does the website contain?

1.Jobs: Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Job Listing

Blockchain Careers allows employers to post job vacancies on the platform. This helps them to reach qualified job seekers who are already spending time on the site looking for work.

Job opportunities that appear on the site also enable potential employees to learn more about the roles and the companies behind them.

2.Recruitment: Find your Blockchain and/or Cryptocurrency Top Talent

Blockchain Careers runs a managed service that handles most aspects of the hiring process – from head-hunting to interviewing candidates. The service includes an elaborate screening process to get the best possible candidates from the hiring pool.

3. Talents: Upload your CV to Reach Leading Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Companies

The Blockchain Careers website has numerous utilitarian features for candidates. Among them is the CV and Resume upload feature. It allows candidates to upload their documents on the platform.

Doing this allows employers to review the submitted credentials and select candidates with relevant experience and qualifications.

How Does Differ from the Other Recruitment Processes?

Blockchain Careers offers exceptional service when to comes to connecting blockchain employers and employees. So, what’s the difference between Blockchain Careers and other websites?

We spoke with Blockchain Careers founder Guy Allison earlier this week, and this is what he had to say.

“Most recruitment websites in this space are more focused on crypto and bitcoin etc. I believe that blockchain will be massive in the development of Web 3 and the internet of things (IOT) moving forward. Blockchain will be used by governments, artists, sustainable companies and legal entities, to store data on.

They will need highly skilled personnel to enable this to happen, this is where Blockchain Careers come in. The public and private organizations will in fact have more demand for skilled people than the market currently allows. Blockchain Careers will develop a talents section whereby future talent and recent graduates can go there and upload their CV. Companies can then go on there to hire the latest talent in the marketplace.”

A Summary of Blockchain Careers Unique Features

  • Blockchain-specific recruitment.

Blockchain Careers has dedicated its resources towards serving the blockchain industry. This sets it apart from competing recruitment agencies, which have to divide resources across multiple industries.

This unique approach makes Blockchain Careers the premier service when it comes to blockchain talent recruitment.

  • Talent section for graduates/interns and people looking for a new opportunity.

The Blockchain Careers website has a section that is dedicated to interns and recent graduates. The section is important to companies looking for this overlooked category of job seekers.

Prospects in this sub-group are usually in need of blockchain jobs and are usually eager to join exciting projects.

  • Free job postings for small blockchain companies

Blockchain Careers allows new blockchain firms to post job openings for free during their first 3 months of operation. The strategy helps them to obtain top labor during the initial stages when top labor is crucial.

  • Ready to help supply the best talent for the Web 3 revolution.

Web 3 is set to revolutionize the way the internet works by harnessing decentralized blockchain technology. Some companies are already assembling teams to work on novel Web 3 projects.

Blockchain Careers endeavors to be at the forefront of the devolved internet revolution by connecting Web 3 companies with the right talents.

  • Globally minded with experience in many different markets, especially Asia, Europe, US, and South America.

Blockchain Careers covers four continents. This means that it can conveniently serve firms looking to expand beyond their current regions.

  • Ongoing contracts with leading Blockchain firms

Blockchain Careers has numerous ongoing hiring contracts with notable blockchain firms. Parity Technologies is among the agency’s more notable clients.

Final Words

The blockchain industry has experienced an explosion of projects designed to take blockchain utility to the next level. With mainstream blue-chip firms already investing billions into the new technology and employing thousands every month, a labor shortage has gripped the industry.

Many blockchain experts are locked in contracts with competing companies, thereby making it hard for blockchain firms to meet their hiring needs.

Blockchain Careers is committed to finding top-tier labor for both emerging and established blockchain firms.

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