How Blockchain Careers Contributes to Your Company’s Growth

How can Blockchain Careers contribute to your companies growth.

The explosion of Altcoin, DeFi, and NFT projects has taken up a good percentage of qualified blockchain staff and caused an acute labor shortage.

Blockchain Careers strives to overcome these hiring challenges for you.

An Overview of the Hiring Challenges in the Blockchain Market Today

The blockchain industry is currently experiencing an influx of established blue-chip firms and innovative tech startups. Heavyweights such as the Bank of New York Mellon Corp, Goldman Sachs Group, and DBS Group Holdings are already hiring cryptocurrency specialists by the hundreds to help them diversify their service portfolio and maintain their celestial industry positions.

Their entry into the blockchain space is reported to have increased demand for blockchain specialists by an estimated 400 percent. The situation has created a momentary labor shortage.

Consequently, many blockchain-centric firms are struggling to meet their hiring requirements.

Blockchain Careers endeavors to support such companies by deploying an omnichannel approach that combines both conventional and avant-garde hiring formulas to obtain top talent.

Furthermore, we work in consultation with our clients throughout the recruitment process to ensure that all their hiring needs are met.

How Blockchain Careers Helps You to Overcome Hiring Difficulties

The Intake Process

We advertise all open positions on social media platforms such as Twitter and Telegram. The strategy allows us to obtain highly qualified candidates within a short period of time.

We then go over all applications sent to us and handpick 4 or 5 choice prospects for the role, sometimes among hundreds. This further truncates the time needed to find the ideal candidate.

A screening process is initiated after the process. It typically includes interviews via video call.

This critical step helps us to ascertain each applicant’s identity. We are also able to identify relevant work experience and determine salary expectations by asking pertinent questions.

The final step in the screening process entails doing background research on candidates to validate the information provided to us.

This time-tested system has proven to be effective when it comes to selecting the best workforce.

Our Database

During the initial talent-search stages, we encourage candidates to share their names, email addresses, and areas of specialization.

The information is kept in our custom-built database for future reference. This sui generis approach enables us to maintain a substantial prospect pool that reduces hiring time in the event that a client requires candidates on short notice.

Connecting Employers and Candidates

We connect our clients with the best candidates once the initial screening process is complete. Regular communication with the two sides is maintained until an interview is scheduled.


We schedule mutually convenient meetings between our clients and job seekers. We also reach out to our clients for feedback after each interview.

Hathor Network Chooses Blockchain Careers

Hathor Labs is a blockchain firm that is based in the Cayman Islands. The company is currently working to scale the growth of the Hathor Network, which is a custom-built Proof-of-Work blockchain system.

The company was among the first to contract us for blockchain talent recruitment, and we are happy to report that all hiring objectives were met. Among the more notable challenges experienced while working on the Hathor project was sourcing candidates from difficult zones such as Brazil.

We were able to bring together a first-rate team from the region with minimal problems. We are happy to have an ongoing strategic partnership with Hathor Network.

Blockchain Careers Is Your Nr1. Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Website

Who is behind Blockchain Careers?

Guy Allison is the founder and head of Blockchain Careers. He has extensive experience in the recruitment industry and currently heads the G & P Recruitment agency.

How Blockchain Careers was Started

Guy Allison started Blockchain Careers as an exclusive service for his blockchain clients. The unique hiring challenges posed by the blockchain sector prompted him to devote more resources to the industry – hence Blockchain Careers was born.

About the Blockchain Careers Service Platform

Our platform is easy to navigate and is designed to help clients in their search for top blockchain candidates.

The Blockchain Careers website has a set of unique utilitarian features, and they include an intelligent job search console, a resume upload function, and a hiring workflow tool. The following is a more comprehensive breakdown of the platform’s primary features.

The Blockchain Careers Job Board

The Blockchain Careers Job Board is used to list open vacancies. Employers can use the upload feature to post any industry jobs that they might have.

Our Head Hunting Service

Blockchain Careers’ Head Hunting Service is a bespoke talent-search service for clients that seek to take advantage of our managed service.

It is an effective option for companies looking to assemble an industry-leading team with extensive skills and experience without being actively involved in the search process.

The Top Talent Section

The Blockchain Careers Top Talent section allows candidates to upload their blockchain resumes and CVs.

The section’s pragmatic topography allows clients to go through job seekers’ profiles through a central console.

How Blockchain Careers Will Solve Your Company’s Recruitment Problems.

Choosing Blockchain Careers as your prime recruitment partner provides a motley of benefits. The following is an outline of some of them.

  • Headhunting and approaching potential candidates directly.
  • Interviewing candidates on the client’s behalf.
  • Free advertisement of open positions on social media channels such as Twitter and Telegram.
  • Access to Blockchain Careers private database of potential candidates via the Top Talent section.
  • Access to Blockchain Careers unique network of contacts globally.

Final Words

Building a top-tier blockchain team requires in-depth knowledge of the sector’s recruitment industry. The Blockchain Careers team is made up of industry veterans who know how to source top talent.

We also understand what it takes to succeed in this highly competitive market.

For close to a decade, our team of experienced recruitment specialists has placed upper echelon candidates in top company positions. This makes us the ideal partner in matters concerning recruitment.

To kick-start our partnership, contact us today and experience our peerless blockchain recruitment service.

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