Scott Edwards

Growth Hacker
Growth Hacker
  • Thailand
  • October 19, 2022

Currently my focus is on blockchain and crypto-currencies, NFT, consumer marketplace, subscription, e-commerce, blockchain, and cryptocurrency focused start-ups. My passion is automation and community growth and I have 12 years plus of experience in digital marketing.

Industries I Have Worked With.

Recruitment, Cyber Security, Crypto, Blockchain, Web3, Start-ups, Adult Entertainment, Online Casino, Corporate, Pharmaceutical, Saas, Telecom, E-Learning, Industrial, Entertainment, Events, Food and Beverages, Fundraising, Architecture Engineering and Construction, Leisure & Travel, Online Media, Professional Training & Coaching, Fintech, Health and Wellness and more!


Data Scraping, Automated Outreach, Technical SEO, WordPress Web Design, E-commerce, Social Media, Marketing Strategy, Digital Marketing, Email Marketing and list building, Web Analytics, Social Media Optimisation, Digital Photography, Photography, E-commerce, Social Media Measurement, Automation, Data Mining, Web2, Web3

Tools & Technologies:

Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Adobe Design Programs, Buffer/ Hootesuite Social Media Management, Google Docs, Google Webmaster Tools. Google Data Suite, WordPress, Shopify, Phantom Buster, Web Harvy, HubSpot/Pipedrive CRM

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