The Top 10 In Demand Blockchain Careers

What Are the Top Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Jobs on the Rise ?


Blockchain Careers  is the number one job site dedicated to industry professionals and blockchain firms seeking top-tier talent. Blockchain Careers is headed by recruitment specialist Guy Allison, who is an industry veteran with close to a decade of experience catering to emerging and highly challenging job markets.

Allison is also the founder of G & P Recruitment. The following is a statement from Allison regarding the top blockchain and cryptocurrency jobs that are in demand right now.

  1. Blockchain Developers

Blockchain developers are highly sought after today because of the explosion of blockchain projects in recent years. The situation has largely been brought on by the NFT and DeFi industry boom. The cryptocurrency market has also grown tremendously. For perspective, there are over 10,000 cryptocurrencies in the industry today. All of them have had to rely on blockchain developers.

It is estimated that are approximately 10,000 blockchain developers globally. This works out to roughly one developer per project, which is not the reality on the ground. Many projects hire dozens of specialists to work on a single project. As such, there are few blockchain developers available to work on open projects, and this has led to a serious labor shortage.

The situation has been further compounded by the entry of established tech behemoths such as Google, Amazon, and Microsoft, which are looking to expand their blockchain product offerings. Some of them are hiring blockchain developers by the hundreds.

The high demand for experts is causing blockchain developer salaries to increase at an unprecedented rate. Consequently, blockchain developer salaries are among the highest in the software development industry today. They rival those of professionals in the Artificial Intelligence segment.

Demand for specialists with this skillset is mainly driven by financial institutions looking to unveil cryptocurrency services and technology firms working to diversify their service portfolio.

Many of them are offering high compensation rates to draw the best talent from the crypto space and retain qualified workforce.

That said, hiring requirements for blockchain developers usually include extensive knowledge in programming languages such as Python, and C++. Skills in curly-bracket programming languages such as Solidarity are also sought after, especially in Ethereum projects.

On average, blockchain developer salaries trump those of standard software developers by between $20,000 and $50,000 per annum. Average blockchain developer salaries are around $150,000 per year, but $100,000 on the lower side.

  1. Blockchain Solution Architect Jobs

Blockchain solutions architects are involved in the formulation of technical blockchain designs. They also make recommendations on system performance, operational efficiency, security, and costs. Blockchain solutions architects are required to have strategic decision-making skills that will help shape blockchain ecosystems and optimize system capabilities.

Sectors that regularly seek blockchain solution architects include the gaming finance (GameFi), DeFi, NFT, banking, and the capital markets industries.

Day-to-day responsibilities usually include the implementation of integration standards, analyzing Proof of Concept parameters, and carrying out applicability, scalability, and performance tests.

Advanced knowledge of smart contract oracles and development tools such as OpenZeppelin and Hardhat is also needed. Firms utilizing cloud-native solutions such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Coinbase Cloud usually look for candidates with a working knowledge of these platforms.

Other preferred skills include experience in applied cryptography, 4+1 architecture modeling, and Data Architectures such as SQL and NoSQL.

Blockchain solution architect salary rates usually range from $50,000 to $170,000 per annum.

  1. Blockchain Project Manager Jobs

The blockchain project manager position is a lucrative career choice that entails overseeing specialized blockchain teams. Blockchain project managers manage teams that are responsible for the development of blockchain systems. They are tasked with ensuring information flow across all departments while undertaking resource monitoring. They are also involved in the formulation of project objectives, roadmaps, and anticipated deliverables.

Besides managing teams, blockchain project managers are expected to form and maintain relationships with strategic industry partners with the ultimate goal of improving revenue growth and increasing overall product adoption.

Project managers are expected to come up with strategic solutions when faced with technical challenges and are required to convey value propositions to resolve such problems.

On average, senior blockchain project manager salaries are north of $100,000 per annum.

  1. Blockchain UX Designer Jobs

There is high demand for blockchain UX designers in the blockchain industry today. This is because they are instrumental in applying artistic and thematic interfaces that are functional and easy to use.

Main responsibilities include developing user interfaces, optimizing visuals, and creating transitions on websites and mobile Apps. Most UX developer positions are under the guidance of product leads.

Typical skills needed in this area include significant front-end development, HTML, and CSS experience. Candidates conversant with user interface design principles are also given preference.

Other typically desired requirements include a working knowledge of WebSockets (API) and extensive experience in the creation of consumer-facing applications.

Blockchain UX designer jobs typically have a pay scale that is upwards of $75,000 per year.

  1. Blockchain Quality Engineer

A blockchain quality engineer is tasked with ensuring that quality standards are met in all facets of blockchain development and that there are no loopholes. This is usually accomplished using automated frameworks to undertake tests. The blockchain quality engineer is also expected to research possible flaws and lay out plans to ensure that all systems are faultless.

Other duties include formalizing project structure and syntax requirements that will form a standard basis for tests.

Common requirements include an understanding of Behavior Driven Development (BDD). This crucial software development process allows quality assurance testers and developers to collaborate in projects. It encourages consensus among involved parties on the required application behavior.

Relevant skills needed for this position usually include extensive experience using object-oriented programming languages, along with coding and software debugging skills. Candidates who understand project-related software-design patterns, principles, algorithms, and multi-threading models are in many instances given priority. Adeptness in manual testing, using version control systems such as GIT, and API test automation is also ideal.

Annual salaries for the position are usually upwards of $120,000.

  1. Blockchain Legal Consultant

Blockchain legal consultants are needed in blockchain projects because they help enterprises to navigate legal issues.

Responsibilities usually include broad-spectrum legal tasks such as creating corporate contracts, providing legal advice, and reviewing existing contracts.

The roles also entail collaborating with external lawyers when needed. Most blockchain firms require that interested candidates have several years of legal experience, preferably in the cryptocurrency or payments sectors.

Blockchain legal consultant salaries usually start at $100,000 per year.

  1. Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

A good CMO should be the glue that helps connect all your marketing activities together. They should control all aspects of the marketing mix, including social media, community, branding and more traditional marketing. A CMO should have strong leadership skills in order to build a team up from scratch and shouldn’t be the only person in the marketing team. A lot of start-up de-fi projects only hire one marketing person and call them a CMO then hope for them to do everything under one big marketing umbrella. In our opinion this is wrong and will end in tears. A good project should enable it’s CMO to build their team up and lead from the front. This in our opinion is why so many crypto projects fail even they have the “tech”. Good marketing goes a long why just ask the people behind Doge coin or Shiba Inu.

A Chief Marketing Officer should be commanding a salary of 100k USD a year upwards.

  1. Community Manager

The importance of a community manager in the crypto space cannot be laughed at. The importance of building up a strong community through twitter, telegram and discord is paramount to the success of the project. If a strong community is not built up through these channels in the first six months of a new crypto project, the project will probably fail. That is why a community manager has one of the most important and difficult tasks in this space. They need to be switched on and patient to deal with all the daily FUD that will come their way.

A good Community Manager can look for a salary starting at 60k USD per year.

  1. Social Media Manager

A good social media manager should be one of the most influential people in your company. They should know all the tricks of the trade to build up your social media followers organically. A good social media manager should be someone who lives and breathes crypto and is a hardcore keyboard warrior available 24 hours a day. They should be an expert in twitter, LinkedIn and telegram to connect with the crypto community and potential influencers, especially during launch.

A Social Media Manager can expect to earn upwards of 60k USD per year.

  1. Technical Writer

In a relatively small space of time good technical writers are becoming like gold dust. This is mainly because you need to have a deep knowledge of how a developer and their team work. If people do have this knowledge, they normally just become developers as they get paid more. Unless of course you prefer to write about blockchain then of course there will always be a job in the industry for you. If you are budding technical writer feel free to reach out to us here at Blockchain Careers.

A Technical writer can expect a salary of 70K USD upwards per year.

A Last Word

There is growing demand for blockchain marketers mainly because of the rising need for projects to reach new markets. Blockchain marketers are tasked with strategizing and implementing marketing plans to ensure that word spreads and target demographics are converted.

Marketing specialists are typically required to present ROI and KPI performance reports and identify new consumer trends.

The blockchain industry has grown multifold over the past couple of years. The explosion of the NFT and DeFi projects, in particular, has taken up a lot of talent and caused a shortage of qualified prospects. This has resulted in tens of thousands of unfilled blockchain and cryptocurrency job positions.

The upside is that there is a rise in demand for graduates, interns, and blockchain enthusiasts with relevant skillsets.

Looking at forecasted growth, the blockchain market size is projected to reach $50 billion by 2026. The current valuation is at $5 billion. This means that demand for blockchain talent is set to increase in the coming years.


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