Top Web3 Jobs & Roles in 2023

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Are you looking for a career in Web3 & Blockchain?

There is huge demand for professionals in these areas.

Talking about Web3 in particular, the concept is set to transform how the internet works by incorporating an array of decentralization features that will divest information and monetization control channels away from centralized Web 2.0 platforms.

This evolved version of the internet is currently in its nascent stages and is going to utilize some revolutionary technologies such as Artificial Intelligence to discern search contexts, 3D spatial elements to allow more surreal and immersive experiences, and advanced data encryption algorithms to keep personal information safe.

On the monetization front, Web3 will rely on decentralized monetization models that are based on blockchain technology, such as social tokens.

These components are going to be developed by top-tier specialists, and so, if you are looking for a role in Web3, there are plenty of options available. As witnessed in 2021, when Web3 first gained significant prominence, there was high demand for skilled Web3 specialists due to the limited hiring pool. The good news is that the situation persists today and this works to the advantage of job seekers looking to gain employment in the sector.

That said, the following is an outline of some jobs that are in high demand in the space today.

Blockchain Developer

Blockchain developers are the technical minds behind cryptographic data models and the algorithms that power Web3 systems. They usually have significant experience in certain types of popular blockchain programming languages such as Rust and Solidity, which are the main coding languages used to build Web3 applications on the Solana and Ethereum blockchains, respectively. 

Companies looking to hire Blockchain developers also look for candidates with backend or fullstack software engineering experience alongside Javascript, Java, Python, C++, and node.js coding skills. 

Experience with SQL and NoSQL is usually also desirable, as well as adeptness in application development clients such as web3.js, golang, Geth, chain code, Corda, Bluemix, AWS, Stellar and Azure. 

Job seekers with blockchain technology certifications are also highly sought-after.

Marketing Officers

Web3 projects usually hire specialists for non-technical roles such as marketing. Marketing officers in Web3 projects are usually in charge of execution and client conversions across paid marketing campaigns. They are usually expected to have experience in paid social, display media, search engine marketing (SEM), influencer marketing, and retargeting.

Aside from this, marketers are involved in the development of new marketing channels, as well as creatives for experimentation and optimization purposes, and usually work with content writers, design teams, and relevant agencies to create campaign material.

Marketers are sometimes also tasked with forging new media partnerships to drive growth, collecting customer feedback, and coming up with best practice recommendations.

Marketers that are able to achieve maximum return on investment (ROI) through backtesting and data analysis are typically able to stand out from the crowd.

AI Prototyping Engineer

Artificial intelligence engineers are involved in the creation of artificial intelligence (AI) systems for Web3 projects and are usually involved in the development of algorithms needed to process large amounts of data to accomplish complex tasks such as deep learning of user preferences. Artificial intelligence engineers are, in many cases, tasked with developing artificial neural networks that help process information in similar ways to the human brain in order to match content to each user.

Artificial intelligence protocols are usually designed using programming languages such as C++ and Python. As such, candidates are usually expected to be proficient in these areas.

Apart from designing and developing AI models, artificial intelligence engineers are sometimes also involved in the creation of AI APIs to allow the integration of the systems into a wide array of projects.

Product Designer

Product designers are usually responsible for optimizing each segment of Web3 projects, from wireframes to visuals, to make the platforms appealing to users. This is usually accomplished by simplifying user interface designs to make them more logical and engaging to users. They also obtain feedback from users with an aim to enhance customer experiences on both web and mobile platforms.

Product designers deploy purposeful illustrations and usually liaise with managers across numerous departments to ensure consensus about the designs.

Job requirements usually include a solid understanding of captivating illustrations through color theory and interactive composition. Candidates are additionally usually expected to have a background in graphic design, motion design, and a working knowledge of iOS and Android platforms, along with their limitations as far as motion and design illustration elements are concerned.

Knowledge pertaining to popular design suites such as Adobe Creative Suite and Figma is usually a plus. 

Web3 Community Manager

Web3 platforms regularly seek community managers to help manage their image and brand voice. Community managers usually serve as the point of contact between a project’s online community, investors, and partners. As such, they are usually involved in the development of marketing plans. Usually, community managers work alongside marketing managers to ensure that marketing campaigns are successful.

Their duties usually include the creation of content such as monthly newsletters and videos and sharing them on relevant media platforms, reviewing marketing metrics, and ensuring that social media and outreach campaign strategies are impactful.

Web3 community managers also provide engagement feedback to the management. In some cases, they are required to formulate new marketing strategies and spot new outreach opportunities to help push products and the brand image to new audiences.

Besides this, community managers sometimes participate in social and corporate events to engage partners and offline communities.

Legal Counsel

Web3 platforms frequently hire legal specialists to assess new services and product offerings for regulatory compliance.

Some typical responsibilities for individuals in this position include identifying legal risks and developing mitigation strategies, usually in collaboration with project managers. The risks include potential sanctions, Know Your Customer (KYC), and anti-money laundering (AML) issues.

Legal advisors are also involved in assessing company acquisition targets and developing merger integration strategies.

Furthermore, they provide advisory on day-to-day contractual issues and keep abreast of legal changes that are likely to impact company policies.

An understanding of how crypto and web3 platforms work is usually a plus for those looking to work in the niche market.


For those interested in the aforementioned positions and others in the Web3 industry, apply today via Blockchain Careers. New Web3 jobs are added frequently.



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